Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bangabandhu, the father of nation: Dr. Shafique

Banghabandhu The Father of The Nation

Dr. Shafique, Moscow, Russia.

The anti liberation forces, ideological Razakars and some BNP leaders are denying the role of Banghabandhu in our Independence war. They have some propaganda as Banghabandhu was in Paki jail, how he can lead the war. I think, this is absolutely nonsense topics. Either they don’t have any idea about our modern history or specially doing this not only discredited the father of the nation but our independence, freedom fighters and after our entire nation.

I would like to mention an example from the recent history of the world. Honorable Nelson Mandela became the national hero and leader f South Africa but he was in jail for 26 six years. Who lead the African National Congress during his absence, how he became the national hero? He became national hero though he was in jail, because the black people of South Africa follow his ideology and fought to establish the equal right and at the end they are successful, if any body not in South Africa but even all over the world deny his role , he just treated as mad or fool. Independence war is a historical process and should go through some sort of movements. It is required not only in Bangladesh but for whole of nation in the world. It is absolutely not possible to involve people in independence war just making a declaration in one day. This historical process may continue 10, 20, 50 even 100 years.

What about Bangladesh , the independence movement of our nation started from 1952 through mother language movement, further election in 1954 and victory of joint front, student movement in 1962, six point declaration by Banghobandhu and further movement in 1966, mass people movement in 1969 to free Banghabandhu from jail, election in 1970 and victory of AL but denied to handed over power to the elected party AL by Pak authority, historical speech of Bangabandhu in 7th march , those are the basic events of our independence movement. Please read the history and find out the role of Banghabandhu in those events. Second part , crack down in 25th march mid night, declaration of independence of Bangladesh by Banghabandhu, arrest Banghabandu by Paki, 27th march declaration of independence of Bangladesh on behalf of Banghabandhu by Major Zia, 17th April formation of Bangladesh government in Mujib Nagor , further continuation independence war by our freedom fighters , Bangladesh recognized as sovereign country by India in 6th December, started Indo-Pak war, unconditional capitulation of Pak army and surrender 16th December , at last return Banghabandhu from Pakistan to free Bangladesh 10th January 1972.

All of those are the main events of our modern history. Maximum events of our independence movement organized and lead by Banghabandhu and though he was is in Paki jail during the war but what ever may be done, done by the name and on behalf of this great leader, it is well known not only in Bangladesh but all over the world. For this reason he is the father of the nation, today deny it, absolutely nonsense. Banghabandhu never die, he is always in our heart.

Joy Bangla, Joy Banghabandhu.

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