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our independence our pride :
bangabandhu sheikh mujib was that flute charmer who could unite almost seventy million bangalees with his untiring effort nearly 23 years of struggle & finally the last but not the least on 7th march, 1971, he gave that historic speech to free the nation from pakistani occupation, nation yet not ready and pakistani barbaric forces launched severe military offensive, thereby, declaration of independence by bangabandhu was inevitable, lawful & world community did accept our independence on 26th march 1971 Cost of winning liberation war :
there was fierce fight for 9 months, pakistani barbaric forces killed nearly 3 million innocent bangalees, raped over 2 hundred thousand women, destroyed transports, bridges, banks, industries & practically country was liberated with surrender of 93 thousand highly trained pakistani officer, soldiers & over 20 thousand oxiliary forces like razakars, albadars, alshams & ansars. Allied forces of bangladesh mukti fouz & indian army could capture pakistani forces but these huge oxiliary forces just disappeared in the society due to their language & domestic connections.
Anti-liberation forces & fate :
although there was high presure from mukti bahini to kill these huge oxiliary forces like razakars, albadar & alshams but bangabandhu wanted to set the rule of law and thereby about 12 thousands of these evil forces were arrested & judicial cases were launched for their various offences. Master minds like gholam azam, nizami, saka chowdury, kamruzzaman, delwar razakars & many others fled away from country, govt had to concentrate on bringing back normalcy in social & economic life, rehabilitation of 1 crore people, repairing of bridges, setting new currency & banking, govt. Administration, setting of local govt management, restructuring armed forces, recovery of airports & seaports operation, opening of educational institutions, international relationships were priorities for the new government. Untiring efforts and hard work by bangabandhu & his fellow team members also presented the nation a “constitution’ – democratic rights of the people which bangabandhu dreamed throughout his life-time.
Rebuilding bangladesh from scratch
there were hundreds of odds in the country including rise of extreme communists, scientific socialists, charu majumder –seraj sikder killing squade & left-over pakistani oxiliary forces hiding in places with arms engaged in robery, killing & arson. There was another game plan, large nuber of civil servants who were serving pakistani barbaric forces till 15th december, 1971, repatriate armed forces from pakistan who lost 2 years seniority by freedom fighter officers, political opponents of awami league & specially bangabandhu both within and outside became the secret instrument of pakistan who never accepted their unbearable defeat & shame of 16th december that they had to surrender to indian army general, head of allied force. It was more a psychological that their highly trained forces had to surrender at ramna race-course like shatered human being! Pakistan did never forget such tragedy, will never forget and ask for forgiveness from bangladesh for their attrocities, crime against humanities!
Pakistan strategy on defeat :
soon after their defeat, pakistan restructured their defence, intelligence & govt. Options, their prime agenda was targeted to disable bangladesh & see the end of it even it turns in to a province of india! There were  various move like shadhin purbobangla, purbopakistan, banglastan etc., but failed due to matchless leadership of bangabandhu who almost brought country towards self-sustainity in food & other social growth. Thereby, pakistan & their local agents targeted bangabandhu as such without eliminating bangabandhu, their mission would never be accomplished.
Pakistan had to take the last offensive, a military coup through their loyalists and it was ziaur rahman, the super spy of pakistan army played the pivotal role accomplishing the objective.
Role of ziaur rahman – the super spy of pakistan :
“once a spy always spy” ziaur rahmans’ his intake in pakistan army, training & developments, posting in various locations were intelligence oriented, being the trusted officer of pakistan army, he could easily infiltrated in the struggle of liberation war and his complicated role in chittagong, posting in 8th bengal, tasks of releasing arms from naval ship swat, capturing zia enroute to chittagong port, reading message of independence from radio chittagong on 27th march, 1971, disappeared from chittagong with oli ahmed, shamsher mobin & few others, his total role in liberation war & wife ms. Khaleda being in safe with pakistani friends [certainly beloved wife, ms. Khaleda knew that ziaur rahman had been playing most crucial task as spy, she did not go to india enabling ziaur being mentally cool], his promotion in bangladesh army inexchange of accepting khaleda as wife, being senior became no. 2 in army made him the best choice for pakistan to carry on the deadly mission to kill bangabndhu and create panic compatible to nuclear bomb attack in bangladesh by killing all members of family, close relations, bosoms of bangabandhu!

A retired general, once told me that bangabandhu & his family and later 4 national heroes were not killed merely by rashid-faruk-dalim gang, it was much more elongated force and i could understand from this repatriate captain of pakistan later promted as major general during hm ershad regime, that it was always pakistan behind the game plan & ziaur rahman was instrumental, large nos. Of civil servants who were not happy with curtailed salary & benefits, politicians within awami league & outside the party, armed forces composed of repatriate forces and crooked & fake mukijoddha officers, media persons, jamate razakars-albadars-alshams in disguise religious fanatic, were behind ziaur rahman of pakistan intelligence to launch such an offensive, as they could clearly calculate that with such action, they would capture the country & basic foundations by killing bangabandhu, 4 national leaders & state principles. The whole world has seen that ziaur rahman established “zindabad”, “allah hafez” & many other pakistani objects clearly detrimental for principles of bangladesh. Ziaur rahman did not stop there, he released all members of oxiliary forces and politicians who were in jail for numbers of war crime charges, brought back those devil war criminals like gholam azam, motiur rahman nizami, kamruzzaman, dewar razakar, saka chowdhury & many more turned in to social heroes, became member of the elite class in the society due to morale, financial & media supports of pakistani paid agents.
Pakistan isi & strategic alternatives :
it was a clear strategy of pakistan that there will be difficulty by the armed forces to control the pro-liberation forces & awami league for a long time, sonner ziaur rahman will be unmasked & he will be paying for his debts. So only chances was to revive the political force of uniting all pro-pakistani elements, creation of bangladesh nationalist party, jamate islami party, revibal of muslim league & developing islamic militants & fanatics by creating financial & commercial ventures for their true nurishment. Banks, hospitals, medicine industries, educational institute, universities, transport companies, thousands of madrasas, mosques became the nerve centres of pakistani agents who have acquired huge strength over the long period.

After the killing of ziaur rahman, hm ershad, another repatriate pakistani officer came to power and substituted all acts of ziaur rahman including protection of killers of bangabandhu, 4 national leaders & all pakistani heritage set by ziaur rahman. Hm ershan even went few steps forward by declaring “islam” as the state religion and except changing flag & national anthame, did everything possible to adopt pakistani style of management in soveriegn bangladesh. Hm ershad groomed officers 7 promoted only those were good believer of pakistan principles, repatriot officers could easily inject their seedlings in the armed forces and thereby carrying their legacy, even son of gholam azam, azmi was given sword of honour during his pass out as commissioned officer in bangladesh army.
Begum ms. Khaleda in lime light :
pakistan isi also started to locate the substitute, ms. Khaleda zia came in the political lime-light & being a eigth grade pass woman, almost win the bangladesh nationalist party leadership with her beauty & begum attitude of which initially youngsters of chattrodal mostly hyponotized with her hidden beauty, pakistan exactly made best use of it & turned her as undisputed, uncompromizing leader “deshnetry of bangladesh”. Bnp media & promotion personnel taken the goyebolic promotion action branded ziaur rahman as “shahid president ziaur rahman”, “shadinatar ghoshak zia”, “deshnetry khaleda zia” being a very poor organizational ability & members, yet occupied the national assembly election in 1991, fall of hm ershad. Reasons were very clear that awami league could not visualize the strength of election conductors [armed forces + election commision + civil administration], over a long period there was a rise of fanatic forces and anti-awami league media persons of leftwing political forum did not like that truly pro-liberation forces like awami league should come in power!

Failure of managing bangladesh :
bnps’ misrule & turmoil in pakistan politics with the deveopment of taleban influence, afgan war & very critical economic situations, western – indian presure on their war power, anti liberation forces in bangladesh became perturbed with ill educated leadership and wining 1996 election for awami league with some strategic move & adoption of principles was smooth.there is a saying that “an idiot heading an institution is good enough for its destruction”. However, it was not very healthy for ruling bangladesh where millions of anti-liberation forces being created in all spheres of lives, awami league & pro-liberation forces were again defeated in 2001 election, and they had to pay for their faulty management and tremendous media propagation followed by planned election of the then care-taker head of govt. Then the reign of terror by tarek rahman was established and ms. Khaleda had to let her son administer a paralal govt. And she was happy in prime minister office with beloved falu as secretary no. 1. Country passed through a havoc, corruptions, looting, arson, rapings, occupation of minority & other properties, transfer of funds, killing for extortion & political reasons, grenade attack on sheikh hasina to destroy al leadership, creation of islamic terrorist forces, grenade attack on uk ambassadors, killing mps kibria, ahsanullah master, ivy rahman were nothing but cold-blooded & savage attitude of bnp leadership.
Fearful care-taker govt. & plan to disable democracy :
new care-taker govt. Came with army backing & foiled the total election process & tried to establish shud-khor, ghush-khors, political perverts, corrupt business people & media persons tried to set them in power as “third force”. Younus, the biggest shud-khor of all times, a nobel peace receipents wanted to form a political party who retreated like a jackle that he did not get even few thousands supporter even from grameen bank where he claimed that nearly 10 million share-holders as loan – receivers!
Awami league came in power with overwhelmning majority – brute majority termed by anti-awami league media persons, country was back on the track of pro-liberation forces, although due to some vested interest group, real ffs did not get any respectful position in administration, armed forces or any civil positioning! However, people still have lot of admiration for the daughter of bangabandhu, sheikh hasina as truly a symbol of independence, who have been working hard for economic, social & democratic emancipation of the people of bangladesh. Export earnings, foreign remmitances, agro production, power generation, women empowerment, education, infra-structural development, industrial growth, exploration of gas & other resources, acquiring new territory in bay of bengal, froiegn relations, peace for progress lead her to an international leader, we are treated as new financial tiger of south asia, during global economic melt-down, bangladesh could sustain a gdp growth pattern of 6.5% average, a tremendous success story! 

Media propagation instead fair politics:
unless there had been media propagation of which pakistani installed longtime structure and agents are engaged in day & night mission to defame awami league & bangladesh, bnp, the so called opposition with less than 30 member of parliament, opposition would die of its own as such they have very little true political move rather than terrorist tactic! Pakistan have series of agents, making hot-talks at mid-night and most conductors using poorly inducted awami league spokesman who are usually tricked by the conductors & odd talks of the paki agents. Mainly migrated crooks & other such champions are zillur, motiur of channel i, piash karim, nurul kabir, asif nazrul, akbar ali, recently inducted abm musa, kader siddiqi, dulu, tuku, alal of bnp diganto, bangla vision have set people engaged for such propagation.
Trial of war criminals & bnp stimulation:
Of let, rise of jamate action followed by the trial of war criminals of 1971 and subsequent judgment leading to [hanging till death], stimulated bnp to make use of the situation and islamic fanatics have over-powered bnp and thereby truly it has turned in to insovent in politics of bangladesh. Rise of hefazate islam was another trick of pakistan and through overseas funding, another group of wahabi – saudi connected fanatics, possibly the last of the mohikans used to over-through the govt. Of sheikh hasina! This is not a surprise, pakistan isi developed this radical fanatic force over the last 30 years & kept it as hidden instrument to be used in good time. Hefazate concentration in shapla chattar [key point installation] centre of our economy was really a threat to the whole nation and pakistan was about to attain its goal, if govt, would fail to take corrective measures on time!
This was a surprise for the common people but not a for the strategic analysts who are deeply watching the socio economic changes in bangladesh. There is a saying in mahabharat “tomake badhibe je, gokule bahrise shey”, religious people are all not fanatics, for manyfold reasons, members of low-income group join the madrasha education coz. This is almost free, patronized by society & some by special fund [saudi-pakistan isi, no exception], co-ordination & fanatical move needs to be directed in right time & opportunity but all their ill efforts failed, sheikh hasina is one of the very few truly pious lady in the country, who offers 5 times prayers, recites holy quran after fazar & also praying at tahazzat, obviously very elaborately admired by country’s truly relious personalities, alem, muftis & peers, no wonder, pakistan isi & their allies failed to accomplish their mission against govt. Of sheikh hasina. Unruly followers of jamate+bnp launched anti-govt. Campaign by burning holy quran, destroying properties, mosque, vehicles, stadium resemblem terrorism instead a religious move. Their earleir strong-hold “armed forces hqs” – “moinul road” replaced with truly bangladesh devotees, not any more “neri kuttas of pakistan” and new forces are all engaged in nation building activities instead involving in dirsty mission of pakistan isi.
New initiative & strategy of awami league:
Some bnp. Pro-paki talkers are still very hopeful that awami league may have won the first series of battle but it is not surely over, this is possibly 100% correct! Dangerous snakes have to be killed, barbaric forces to be destroyed, terrorists to be wiped off from politics, awami league has to draw a clear line of action for winning final battle, “fair election – win hearts of majority” final death blow to anti-liberation forces. The followings are important;
[1] s.w.o.t analysis by professional expertise, each of the areas should be critically evaluaed and prepare priorities & offensives which will enable the party & its allies to strengthen their political power.
[2] framing an acceptable “interim government” which will act as truly neutral care-taker govt. Should be placed on the table for discussion, criticism, suggestions & finally accepted by international community.
[3] evaluate & assess performance of all mps and take corrective actions by nutralizing the incompetents, unworthy, unwanted person by one or two dedicated, high morale, honest & acceptable by common voters.
[4] political alliance should be strengthen, enhanced & expanded with finest negotiation for injecting more nation building partners believe in principle of liberation war, bangabandhu & awami league strategic policies.
[5] consolidate party strength by making drastic change at all level for focusing exemplary characters with institutional profile, creating new brand image of awami league.
[6] few of the major activities of hon’ble prime minister will bring additional milage for govt. Achievements e.g.,
[a] foundation & starting of padma bridge
[b] opening of 2 more power stations
[c] opening of jatra-bari fly-over, kuril bishma road fly-over, starting of mogbazar – mouchak flyover
[d] starting of metro-rail project[e] opening of dhaka-chittagong 4 lane road
[e] commissioning of naval ship built in khulna ship-yard
[f] export of merchant naval ships
[g] visit & focus few major export industries like textile, garment, medicines,
[h] 5 minutes commercial for branding bangladesh.
[7] speed up all infra-structural & development work by local govt.
[8] engagement of professional team for forth-coming election.
[9] engagement of highly professional promotional team & agency to launch finest strategy & action plan for election [10] formation of a cyber-team to branding awami league.
[11] standardization of print media to avoid distortion of portrait of bangabandhu, hpm sheikh hasina & party logo-type.
[12] centrally co-ordinated art work of all promotional materials like, poster, banner, festoons, stickers, press ad, tv commercials
[13] recruitment of volunteers, win them young from cross section of young educated personnel and enlighten then with the concept of liberation war
[14] keep dedicated freedom fighters involved & alert for a democratic process & launching fare election.
[15] unite nation like 1971, an approach of last battle with anti-liberation forces, the barbaric pakistani forces left-over bnp/jamate obnoxious elements.

Joy bangla, joy bangabandhu !!

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